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Coarse Fishing Articles !!

Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestPISCATORIAL PAST-TIMES - By Steve Sheppard
My interest in angling began when I was a youngster my father took me to a local soccer match between two local teams that left me scarred for life and desperately seeking a worthwhile pastime. I found it in angling and over the years I have developed a keen interest in anglings rich and varied history....
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South West"THE LUCKIEST FISHERMAN ALIVE" - By Tim Richardson
Have you ever wondered why one ‘lucky guy’ seems to catch the biggest fish again and again, while the majority of other fishermen just seem to get the average catches? Why is that? ....
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South West2006 JUNIOR CARP CHAMPIONSHIP - By Luke Thomas
Seventeen minutes past eleven, Thursday 3rd of August, I'm worrying about the competition in less than two weeks time. After filtering the internet for every bit of information and tips about Linear fishery's Brasenose 1....
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestA PISCATORIAL COMPANION - By Steve Sheppard
Now you may think from my title a friend to go fishing with well you are wrong. This is a story going back to a time when men were men, adventure, danger, excitement, was the watch word of the day for the young aristocratic gentleman bent on experiencing all life has to offer....
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestWHAT CHANCE A SEVERN MONSTER? - By Stuart Watkins
It's now almost a decade since Howard caught his former British record fish from the lower reaches of the Severn. I recently read an article by Steve Stayner in one of the angling monthlies where he briefly mentions the capture of this memorable fish....
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestCOMMERCIAL CARP FISHING - By Luke
Now most of you frequent readers of the forums and articles will probably consider me as more of a big carp hunter than a comercial fisherman. But yes, I do enjoy a good day out catching smaller carp. So, getting to the whole comercial fishing for carp thing. How do you go about it ?...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestMATCH FISHING - By Ergo
It’s time to put your fishing skills to use and bring home some coin – but what steps need to be taken to get on the match-fishing ladder? Ergo reveals the info you’ll need....
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestJELLY PELLETS - By Ergo
These are a very versatile and easy to make and use bait. The birth of the jelly pellet came about when someone was experimenting and poured some hot liquid jelly over expander pellets. The pellets soaked up the jelly, expanded and as they cooled, they set...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestGO FISHING 2006, REVIEW - By Paul Orford
Perhaps the biggest and most publicised fishing show of the year took place recently at the NEC in Birmingham. The event was spead over three days running from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th March. Would Go Fishing 2006 live up to expectations? Fish South East decided to pay the show a visit and check it out...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestWINTER FISHING - ARE YOU JOKING? - By Paul Orford
Fish don't feed in the winter, that's right isn't it? You must be joking !! We all know that as water temperatures fall, fish slow down and don't need to feed as much, but that doesn't mean they don't feed at all. So if like me, you take one look out of the window when the weather is cold and head straight back to bed, this article is for you...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestA SIMPLE APPROACH TO A DAY OUT CARPING - By Luke Thomas
Alot of people are sometimes worried about going out to a venue carping, there's alot to take on board. Swims, baits, rigs, wind direction ect. It can all become too much .... if you do the thinking when you turn up at the venue, not a wise decision !...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestALIEN INVADERS - The Signal Crayfish - Paul Orford
The Signal Crayfish, introduced into the UK in 1970 have become an unwelcome and destructive invader of the rivers, canals and lakes in the South West. Signal crayfish have had a major impact on our own native crayfish species, the white clawed crayfish...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestTHE END OF YOUR FAVOURITE BAITS ? - Paul Orford
Experts have warned that stocks of the most popular bait additives are on the verge of collapse. The increased use of fishmeal-based baits such as boilies, pellets and groundbaits has put great strain on the global stocks of the tiny fish used to make the additive...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestBUY YOUR 2005/06 ROD LICENCE ON LINE - Paul Orford
2005/2006 rod licences are available on-line. Anyone over the age of 12 fishing in freshwaters in England or Wales must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence. Money from the sale of licences helps to fund the EA's work on managing fisheries. If you are caught fishing without one, you are cheating other anglers and could be fined up to £2,500...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestCARE FOR FISH AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Paul Orford
Now that fox hunting is shortly to be made illegal, how long will it be before attention turns to the issue of the cruelty involved in fishing? Whilst there does seem to be evidence that fish do actually feel pain, most anglers take the utmost care to ensure that the fish they catch are treated as humanely as possible and are returned unhurt...
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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestFISHING IN NORTHUMBERLAND - by Jim Coke
Thought it was about time to drop you a line and tell you about one of our fishing trips. Connor lives in Durham so every three weeks, I take the long trip north, inevitably we head for the hills or the sea. One of our favourite places is Bamburgh and nearby Seahouses in Northumberland. To most southerners whose travels barely...
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