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Coarse fishing articles from Fish South WestTHE SEA TROUT DIARIES by R W Mountjoy

Theory, strategy, tactics and sea trout.

A self confessed obsessive fisherman describes how he came to specialise in angling for sea trout. Determined to develop the skills and knowledge to lure this most challenging of fish he sought out previous generations of Tavy fishermen in the hope that they would give away their secrets. Culturing these cantankerous ‘old timers’ proved as difficult as catching the fish they pursued, but persistence paid off and gradually they began to share their knowledge.

Joining these eccentrics as darkness fell by running waters, the author was introduced to the cult of West Country peal fishermen. Waiting for that magic time when colour seeped from the valley and under a cloak of darkness the fish may move to the fly, he was party to discussions on philosophy, psychology, sociology, even anthropology, and fishing.

The advice and guidance imparted by the ancients and treasured by the author, is supplemented by his own experience and preserved in The Sea Trout Diaries.

It convincingly explains, for possibly the first time, why a fish programmed not to eat while in fresh water may be tempted to take a lure. Clearly set out strategies, for both day and night fishing are detailed with given tactics for all conditions.

This is a real fishing book for serious fisherman. The writer is passionate about his fishing and expresses his opinions without hesitation.

It is unashamedly controversial!


Published by: The Crapstone Press
Detail: 168 pages, 11 diagrams and 126 photographs
RRP: £19.99


The Sea Trout Diaries is available on line through Amazon or can be collected from the Snowbee Tackle Shop in Plymouth.

Purchase the Sea Trout Diaries from Amazon >>


For further information and to order copies of this fabulous book directly from the author*, please contact:

R. Mountjoy
12 Morley Drive
PL20 7UY

* price £21.50 including p&p

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